1. How do I choose a heater?

There are several way to look at this and it depends on skill level, space available to install the heater, and the amount of features you would like to have. Stratos has taken these into consideration in the design of the heater. Mounting one of our units under the dash is the easiest method, as the heater attaches to the dash panel with several screws.  You are then able to easily alter the angle of the heater to provide the best air distribution and access to controls. The down side to mounting under the dash is the amount of leg room that the unit requires. Most people today are choosing to mount the heater behind the dash to give it an OEM look, and to have a better heat distribution to both the vent and floor areas. The big advantage here is the ability to defrost the windshield for increased safety. Stratos uses some unique technology to give you control of the heated air direction with only the touch of a button.

2. How do I get faster heat?

Stratos leads the field in this area by offering both a Thermostat Performance Kit (SCP6101) and a 12V Electric Booster Pump Kit (SCP6100).  The Thermostat Performance Kit increases heater performance at low engine speeds by redirecting the engine coolant directly to the heater on initial startup rather than to the radiator. In other words the heater core become the engine radiator until the vehicle reaches the correct operating temperature. The 12V Electric Booster Pump Kit increases the engine coolant flow rate, as most vehicles have a low water flow rate at idle and do not reaches a sufficient flow until you have around 2,000 RPM.  Using both kits together greatly increase your cabin comfort.

3. How do I get heat on extremely cold days?

Stratos offers an 110V Heater Kit (SCP6104) that preheats your vehicle engine in severe cold for easy start up.  Just plug into your garage or household plug to warm the engine coolant on those severe weather days. Combine with our 12V Electric Booster Pump (SCP6100) to ensure your cab is nice and toasty when you step into your vehicle.

4. How do I bleed my system?

This is a great question and most people do not pay attention to how difficult this can be. When you install a heater into this type of vehicle it is important to bleed the air out of the system as the unit may have an air lock and this in turn will not allow engine coolant to flow through the heater or cooling system. It can take several hours to bleed a system as the heater is normally located much higher than the engine or coolant pump. One UTV manufacturer even asks you to raise the back of the vehicle at a certain angle to try and bleed the air from system. Bleeding air from the system can be dangerous as you risk scalding yourself with 195 degree coolant as you loosen a radiator or heater hose in an attempt to bleed the air. Stratos’s engineers have taken all of these facts into consideration and developed simple Air Bleed Kits (SCP 6105 (½”) and SCP 6106 (5/8”)) which allow you to bleed the heater safely and more quickly than anything on the market today.

5. Do you have a heater for my golf cart?

Yes! The CLIMATE CADDY™ is a new technology that provides 48V cart users both cooling and 100°+ maximum heated air, without the battery drain of traditional electric heaters! It was even awarded the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show Top Buyers Choice Award. Visit ClimateCaddy.com to learn more and get yours today.

6. Will a 12 volt heater keep my windshield defrosted during the cold winter months?

Yes, when you choose a kit with Flex Hose and Vents you can run heat to your windshield defrost.  You may also add defrost vents with our Defrost Vent Kit (SCP6103).  As you know, with all the doors closed the front windshield will fog very quickly.

7. Will I be faced with battery trouble from my heater drawing too much power?

The age of your battery may play a part in the answer, however if your battery is in good condition there should be no concern of over-taxing your electrical system with any of our heater kits.  If you choose the Stratos Turbo Dual Axial heater kit you will have enhanced and more efficient heat.  With this kit, you will be turning down the fans as you quickly reach your comfort level.  Many of our competitors require you to run your heater system at max heat and air at all times to achieve comfort.

8. Where is the best place to mount my heater?

See 1

9. Do I need to put a bleeder valve at the highest point of my system?

Yes it is best to have the air bleed located in the highest point of the system. However we are developing a unique hand operated vacuum system that will allow you to locate the bleeder valve wherever you desire as the device will purge the air from your system using vacuum.  Look for this item first quarter of 2016.

10. What is the best spot to tie in the heater hose?

Stratos gives you several options here and it is best to understand the size of the radiator or engine hose to determine the best type of connection.

11. Do I need a pump with my heater?

See No 2

12. Does the heater come with brackets to install under the hood or do I have to fab something?

Yes Stratos Axial heaters come with a unique, patent pending, Flex Bracket System that enable you to position the best location, angle and mounting for the heater.  Our Cabin Heaters also come with brackets for under dash mounting. Our preference is to not mount heaters under the hood, which exposes the heater inlet to under hood pollutants and even to exhaust gas that may be present under the hood or vehicle. Our recommendation is to mount our heaters inside the cab either behind or underneath the dash.

13. Does the heater come with the fan switch?

Yes, we have a rotary fan switch on under dash models and a rocker style switch for behind dash mounting.

14. Does your kit have all of the Y’s, T’s and splices to fit 5/8” hose?

Yes,  Our Kits come with all the hose splices, Y’s and T’s that you need.  We also offer other sizes from ½” to 5/8” and 3/4 “etc.  Please check our web site under “All Parts and Accessories” for varying sizes and part numbers.