How to Choose a Heater

Stratos offers three different types of heater models in a variety of kits. This video will inform you about each heater model and help you decide which type of kit best suits your needs.


Turbo Dual Axial Heater

Unique, patent pending, turbo dual axial-fan heater delivers maximum heat in limited space, plus provides directional control at the touch of a button.


Flex Bracket System

With the patent pending Flex Bracket system, a Stratos Heater may be secured to the floor, under the seat, hung from the dash or placed behind the dash.  With the Flex Bracket System, the heaters can rotate 360 degrees and may be installed horizontally, vertically or on an angle.


Flex Duct System

The unique, patent pending, Flexible Duct System directs heat exactly where you need it, by using horizontal, vertical, and grill ducts.  Mix and match the ducts for complete heat customization.


Heater Options – How They Work

Complete overview of how a heater works.  Then skip to any of our heater options that improve time to heat, amount of heat, or install time, and see where they fit in a heater circuit.  Options shown include:

SCP6100 -Electric Booster Pump Kit –increases heat output at idle and low vehicle speeds
SCP6101 –Thermostat Performance Kit – for 50% faster heat
SCP6102 – Electronic Temperature Control Kit – for variable temperature control
SCP6105& 6016– 1/2” & 5/8” Air Bleed Kits – for faster, easier bleed of engine coolant
SCP 6401 – 110V Heater – for severely cold days, preheats the vehicle coolant system for easy start up.


Cabin Heater System

Our Cabin Heaters, mounted under the dash or on the floor, do not require dash or other component removal, which makes them the winner for ease of installation.  See an overview of How to Install a Cabin Heater with Flex Duct and Vents.