About Stratos Climate

Our Vision

Stratos Climate endeavors to be the after-market leader in innovative comfort and safety products for all of your power sport, marine, heavy-duty equipment and automotive vehicles.

We are a USA Manufacturer

Stratos’s parent company was established 30 years ago in Dallas, TX.  Our management team has over 175 years of combined experience in the automotive after-market.  We proudly design, engineer and produce all of our products in the USA.  At our manufacturing plant in Texas, our engineers use 3-D Computer Aided Design (CAD), with Rapid Prototype sources, and are able to test our innovative concepts in our Climate Chambers.  This enables us to bring the highest level of heat transfer and airflow performance to the market place and to set new standards for our products.  Using our in-house injection molding equipment and experienced assembly teams, we maintain the highest level of quality control, consistency and quick order fulfillment.

We are an Innovator

Stratos prides itself on bringing the most innovative products to market.  We draw from the experience of our engineers, who hold multiple patents and have established new performance levels in heat transfer and air movement for some of the world’s largest heating and ventilation companies.  Our many innovations include, our patent pending turbo dual axial fans which enable our lightweight aluminum heat exchangers to deliver maximum heater performance in a limited space.  The dual axial counter-rotating fans offer defrost for safety and with the touch of a button deliver heat for maximum cabin comfort.  Our patent pending Flexible Bracket system provides nearly limitless mounting possibilities and ease of installation for our Stratos axial heaters, while our patent pending Flexible Duct system enable our heaters to provide heat exactly where you need it. With our many years of innovation and experience in the automotive aftermarket, continue to look to Stratos to lead the market in comfort and safety for years to come.


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