At Stratos, we are dedicated to providing safe, efficient, and fast heating for your vehicle that can be installed quickly and easily. Beyond our 12V Multi-Fit Heater Kits and UTV Heater Kits, we offer a wide range of products to allow you to fine-tune your heat. In this blog, we’ll explain how your system works, and how and what additions to install to get faster heat, more heat, or to control the heat in your ATV, UTV, SxS and more.

The basic radiator/heater circuit is very simple. A heater is installed between the outlet side of your engine and the inlet side of your radiator with the help of two Y-connectors. Your engine heats up the radiator coolant and sends it along the circuit. As the coolant reaches the first Y, a small amount is redirected to the heater, which blows this heat into your cabin. Then a second Y is added from the outlet side of your heater to return coolant to the inlet side of your engine.  There you have it:  the heater circuit is complete.

Getting more heat, faster heat, or more control is possible by adding a Thermostat Performance Kit, 12V Electric Booster Pump Kit, and/or 12 Electronic Temperature Control Kit to your circuit. These parts are also simple to install and give your system more flexibility and performance.

If you need to get extra toasty, our 12V Electric Booster Pump Kit scavenges heat from the engine and increases coolant flow to your heater, heating up your cabin more quickly and increasing heater output at idle and low vehicle speeds.  This kit is installed after the Y from the outlet side of the engine, before the inlet side of your heater.

Getting 50% faster heat is possible with our Thermostat Performance Kit. This thermostat restricts and redirects the radiator coolant, increasing the coolant temperature up to 195 degrees Fahrenheit before opening. With this kit installed, the majority of your coolant will be sent to your Stratos Heater, which acts as your radiator, temporarily. The thermostat replaces the Y installed from the outlet side of the engine to the inlet side of the heater.

Our 12v Electronic Temperature Control Kit gives you maximum power over your system. With this kit, you add variable heat settings to fine-tune your cabin comfort AND the ability to circulate ambient air on warmer days. So, how does this kit work? First of all, you’ll be installing the control module after the Y from the outlet side of the engine before the heater inlet, adding a bypass around the heater. When you set the Temperature Control dial to blue, all of the system coolant is redirected to bypass the heater so you get air movement with no heat.  By turning the Temperature Control to the middle, the controller will send about 50% of the coolant to the heater and 50% through the bypass. Putting the dial on red sends all of your coolant to the heater for maximum cabin heat.

If you have any questions about what to buy how and where to install one of our products, please get in touch with us today! We’ll let you know which of our products fits your needs!  For even more information watch our videos at:

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